Park Hotel on Bubbling Well Road (Nanjing Lu)

The Park Hotel, known in Chinese as Guoji Fandian, or the International Hotel, was completed in December of 1934, although it was supposed to be completed in 1933 to mark the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Joint Savings Society, a consortium of Chinese banks, whose headquarters Hudec built in 1928 one block in from the Bund. The idea of building a skyscraper for the Joint Savings Society, Hotel may have been conceived as early as 1927. In 1927-28, Hudec travelled to Europe and the United States, learning about new technologies in steel and soil engineering and sketching the new tall buildings rapidly inhabiting American cities. In addition, he had tested the soil resistance (finding it insufficient for a tall building) across the street from the present location of his Joint Savings Society headquarters building in 1927, presumably at the time of planning the home of the JSS, which was completed in 1928.

Ad of Park Hotel. View of Park Hotel.
Opening ad and the Park Hotel from the east, down Nanjing Lu in 2001.

View of Park Hotel.  The Joint Savings Society's logo is the Chinese junk with a star just off the top of the mast. It features in the opening ad banner, above. Prior to around mid-1934, the hotel was referred to as the Joint Savings Society Building.

The logo is also today attached to the granite facing on the building's facade,
above a plaque announcing the hotel's heritage status.

view of Park Hotel Drawing of Park Hotel.
The Park Hotel in 2001, with a section of the back, in Hudec's hand, that was published in a German newspaper.
View of Park Hotel. View of Park Hotel.
Entrance of the hotel, 2001.
Hudec was very proud of this building, and rightfully so. It was the tallest building in China when it was built and remained the tallest in Shanghai until the 1980s. 
Racecourse with montage of hotel.
These two views show the hotel's setting in the early 1930s. These appeared in a brochure celebrating the hotel's opening, but clearly the hotel was not finished when the brochure was made. The top photo montage includes drawing of the hotel on top of a photo of the racecourse. The lower photo, taken from the hotel's location, shows Hudec's Moore Memorial Church (1928).
Park Hotel in oceanliner
view of Park Hotel in fog
Now, of course, it is completely overshadowed by the megaskyscrapers that clutter the city's airspace.


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